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Why build a custom PC?

We're aware that you can go to any big-box store and walk out with a branded PC. You shouldn't. Having a custom PC built is a superior way to spend your money. Here's why.


1. Quality Parts

Branded computers use low grade parts to save money. There is no way to guarantee quality of the parts since what they install may vary from machine to machine. Some brands have even been using cheap, low-grade laptop parts for their desktop builds. Having a custom built PC built gives you the opportunity to see and customize every single part used, so you know each one selected is a quality component.

2. Customization

Each person has their own set of needs when it comes to a computer. Nullbyte Systems gives you full control over the build and emphasis of your computer. From gamer to programmer a custom built PC will be designed to meet your specific needs.

3. Easy Upgrades

A custom built PC makes it easier to swap out parts down the road. Want the newest solid state hard drive? No problem, just switch it out without risk of voiding warranties.

4. Warranty

Most branded PC's do come with warranty, but only after you pay extra for it. Aside from that, their warranty becomes void if you fail to use your computer as per their guidelines. Their warranty becomes void even if you open the computer case or touch any of their parts. This is not the case of custom built PC's. Each part has a separate warranty, so you get complete satisfaction that each part of your machine is backed by full warranty that won't become void if you open your computer case!

5. Save Money

A custom built PC isn't a money saving guarantee, but chances are high it will run you less than modifying a branded PC. Also, a branded PC will likely not last as long because of the lower grade components used, so a replacement PC will be needed sooner then if you built custom in the first place.

6. No Pre-installed Software

Computer makers often throw on "bloatware" to make their machines more marketable. A Nullbyte Systems custom built PC only comes with the essentials installed. This ensures that the computer runs as fast as possible for as long as possible.

7. Bragging Rights

You have the option to go all out with your build; include tempered tinted glass on the case and parts that have flashy RGB lighting. You can make it the centerpiece of your office. At the end of the day, having a custom PC is just cool. These bragging rights will only be furthered as you are able to easily update and maintain your machine in the future.

Ready to build?

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a custom built PC. If you have any questions please get in touch with us and ask. Otherwise, let's get building that dream machine.

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