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Virtual Support

We offer virtual computer help so you can get your computer issues resolved quickly, from the comfort of your own home. By remote controlling your computer over the internet using specialized software we're able to resolve most software issues; if we can't, there's no charge to you.

Common Remote Support Problems

Because we don't have physical access to the computer, there are only so may things that we can do to help remotely. Here are some common issues that can be resolved remotely:

  • Computer performance has slowed
  • Browser home page, default search engine, or other settings have changed
  • Set up backups for important files
  • Virus or malware infections
  • Windows needs to be updated
  • Configure your email account
  • Configure your printer or scanner
  • Update a program to the latest version

If you think the issue may be hardware related, or a crippling virus infection, an in-person visit may be required. If you're not sure, just provide us the details about the issue and we'll let you know.

How to Get Started

There are two things that you need to do before we can start.

  1. First, you'll have to download the remote support program. This is a secure program that, when connected, allows us to control your computer over the internet while you watch what happens.
  2. Second, message us with a description of the problems you're experiencing. Try to be as detailed as possible.

Once we know what the issue is we will likely quote a price and generate you an invoice. Unless otherwise stated, this invoice must be paid before work is done. If the quote was for our hourly rate, a refund will be given for unused 15 minute segments of time.

If we attempt to resolve the issue and cannot you will be issued a full refund for the transaction. We've never had to do this.

1. Download Remote Support Client 2. Message Details

Price Breakdown

  • General Rate
    Billed in 15 min increments. This rate is used when a price can not be pre-negotiated.