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Build Your Dream PC

Nullbyte Systems was founded to create custom-built computer systems using the best components available with an open pricing structure and worry-free support.

Custom built PC made by Nullbyte Systems

How This Works

This isn't a big-box store—this is custom—so things have to work a little differently. Here's how it typically goes:

  1. Provide us information about how you'll use your new computer (below).
  2. We review your information and see if there are any recent builds that already fit your use case.
  3. If a new build is required, we'll send you an invoice for our $25 research fee.
  4. Once the invoice is paid the research is done and a detailed part list is sent to you for your approval or modification.
  5. Once the part list is agreed upon, an invoice for the parts and our $250 build fee are sent.
  6. When the invoice is paid the parts are ordered and shipped to us.
  7. We build the system and get it ready for pick-up or shipping.

So Let's Get Started

In order to select the components that work best for you, we need to know what you plan to use the computer for. Please fill out all of the information below. When you submit the form we'll review the information and reply to the email address that you provided as soon as we can.

Valid first name is required.
Valid last name is required.
Please enter a valid email address so we can reply to your inquiry.
Please enter a valid address so we know if you're going to need shipping.

Please let is know if you require a monitor.
Please let is know if you require a mouse and keyboard.
Please select which resolution you would like to run.
Please select which refresh rate or target FPS you would like to run.
Please select what you would use this computer for.
Please select what you want the case to look like.
Please select what you would use this computer for.

This consent is required for this process to continue.

Read about why a custom built PC is superior in every way.

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Price Breakdown

  • Research Parts
    Use your information to provide a parts list that suits your use case.
  • Build Fee
    Order the parts, build the system, install the software.
  • Shipping? (Optional)
    Pick-up is available, but if you need shipping we provide it at cost.
  • Total (CAD) $275